LED Digital Clock, MSF Digital Wall Clock Display, Studio Clocks and Atomic Wall Clocks

Digital Clock, MSF Digital Clock Display, Atomic Wall Clocks and Studio Clocks

Wharton LED digital clock and digital wall clock, atomic wall clocks and studio clocks

Digital Clock and Electronic Digital Wall Clock
401A.057 & 420A.057 with 57mm - 2.3" high LED digits

1974 - 2013
39 years of
Digital Clock and Digital Wall Clock Manufacture

LED digital clock and digital wall clock display

401A.057 and 420A.057 with 57mm - 2.3" high digits
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The 401A.057 and 420A.057 series multi-purpose digital clock features an accurate and reliable display of time for professional applications with an extended range of user adjustable features and many specification options including a choice of four display colors and six case types.

A 401A.057 and 420A.057 digital clock can display alternating date and time, temperature and time or date, temperature and time. An optional 406 temperature sensor is required for temperature display modes.

The digital wall clock can be used in stand-alone applications or as part of a synchronised system using a central master clock, radio or GPS receiver or ethernet interface. These digital clocks also have the ability to operate as a multi-range programable stopwatch using rear voltage free contacts or optional 402 or 496 control panels.

401N.057 and 420N.057 digital clocks are supplied fitted with a 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface, enabling time synchronisation from a remote NTP/SNTP time server located on the customers TCP/IP computer network

models & sizes (sizes and weights are for .S. single sided wall mount clocks) to top of page
model digit height maximum Viewing
size - width x height x depth weight
401A.057.x.S 57mm - 2.3" 25m - 75ft 390 x 90 x 58mm - 15.4" x 3.5" x 2.3" 2.6kg - 6lb
420A.057.x.S 57mm - 2.3" 25m - 75ft 305 x 90 x 58mm - 12" x 3.5" x 2.3" 2kg - 4.4lb
order codes to top of page
401A.057.R.FP.silver-110v ac
401A .057 .R .FP .silver -110v ac
basic part
401A = basic
401N = ethernet
.057 = 57mm - 2.3" .R = red
.G = green
.Y = yellow
-24v dc
-110v ac
-230v ac

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LED Digital Clock, MSF Digital Wall Clock Display, Atomic Wall Clocks and Studio Clocks