Flex multi-option analogue clocks
with 25cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm & 80cm dials

Flex multi-function analogue clocks with 25cm to 80cm dials


Flex analogue clocks have elegant metal cases and are available with an extensive range of dials, movements for many different synchronisation signals when used as secondary or slave clocks and with a variety of mounting alternatives.

Flex clocks may be specified for synchronisation from impulse signals, GPS or radio time code, or self-setting IRIG-B, MOBALine, Rs485 or Ethernet-NTP data signals.

Single and double sided clocks are available with special brackets for surface or flush wall mounting and ceiling suspension.

Case options include ball throw protected cover glasses, stainless steel cases and steam resistant cases for difficult process and other environments. Flex clock cases may optionally be supplied finished to match any RAL colour standard.

Dial styles

Dial type 1001

Dial type 1601

Dial type 200

Dial type 210

Dial type 2301

Dial type 300

Dial type 310

Dial type 315

Dial type 210

Dial type 0001

Dial size availability

dial type available dial sizes Ø
1001 & 300 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 80cm
1601, 200, 210, 2301, 310 & 360 25, 30 & 40cm
315 50, 60 & 80cm
0001 30cm
1 this dial is an extra cost option