Wharton 4540.05 calendar wall clock with date and time

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digit colour

calendar day clock


50mm (2") blue characters    15m (45')

calendar wall clock


50mm (2") green characters    20m (60')

calendar wall clocks


50mm (2") red characters    20m (60')

calendar wall clock with day and time


50mm (2") yellow character    20m (60')

order specification codes Please see www.wharton.co.uk/spec/4540-05-order-codes.htm for order specification codes


  • The Wharton 4500x.05 range of calendar clocks has a 12 or 24-hour time and date display in a single row of bright 50mm & 30mm (2" & 1.2") blue, green, red or yellow LED characters.
  • Multiple languages - you can easily program the abbreviated day-of-week and month to display in a single language or two or three alternating languages selected from:
    Català, Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Føroyskt, Français, Galego, Hrvatski, Italiano, język polski, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Português, Russkij jazyk, Slovenščina, Suomi, Svenska & Welsh.
  • N and NE versions are 10/100Base-t Ethernet NTP enabled for simple, low-cost installation and control via your existing Ethernet network with remote configuration, management and software update across the Ethernet TCP/IP network using Wharton cMon® software.
    You have fully automatic network configuration support when used with DHCP server supporting option 42.
  • Wharton calendar wall clocks have a high-quality aluminium case with an anodised or painted finish in a choice of colours. Select from free-standing, surface mounting on a wall with multi-angle brackets, flush mounting in a wall or single and double-sided clocks for ceiling suspension.
  • 110-230V AC, 12 or 24V DC or PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply options.
  • E and NE versions have the following operational modes:
    • A stand-alone calendar wall clock.
    • As a slave or secondary display controlled:
    • As a 'local master' controlling up to 5 similar units.
  • N and NE versions may also function as a secondary display controlled by a Wharton 5000 series or other local or remote NTP network time-server across a TCP/IP Ethernet network:
  • E and NE versions can operate as a programmable multi-function stopwatch or as a count up or countdown timer controlled by its IR handset, by a dedicated stopwatch switch control panel or by external user-supplied voltage free switch contacts.
  • The range has extensive International Quality and Performance Approvals and Certification.
  • We supply an IR handset for time-setting and configuration.


model size - w x h x d weight
4540x.05 300 x 300 x 58mm  11.8" x11.8.5" x 2.3" 3kg  6.6lb
sizes and weights are for .S. single sided wall mounted clocks
model 4540x.05
size - w x h x d 300 x 300 x 58mm  11.8" x11.8.5" x 2.3"
weight 3kg  6.6lb
sizes and weights are for .S. single sided wall mounted clocks