Wharton 4010.02 small panel mounted digital clocks for control panels and desks

small digital clocks for mounting in a control panel or control desk

4010x.02.G.S & 4010x.02.R.S hours, minutes & seconds panel mounting clocks with 20mm (0.8") digits     (Super-bright red digit option available)

 7m (21ft)  more

  • These small panel-mounted digital clocks are perfect for control panels and desks in Air Traffic Control and similar command and control system applications.
  • The capability of precise synchronisation to many different time sources ensures they are ideal for the most time-critical applications.
  • This clock will also operate as a multi-option stopwatch or as a programmable countdown timer.
  • The 12 or 24-hour time display uses ultra-reliable, 20mm (0.8") high digits for hours and minutes with 14mm (0.56") digits for seconds. You have a choice of green, red or super-bright red characters.
  • You can choose to show time only, alternating time and temperature (requires an optional temperature sensor) or alternating time and date.
  • We include an RC100 handset for remote time-setting, stopwatch control, operating mode and special function selection.

All Wharton digital clocks have many user-selected modes of operation:

  • E and NE versions can be used in stand-alone applications using their internal time references.
  • The clock has rear connections to enable time synchronisation using one of a wide selection of time code protocols from a Wharton 5000 series master clock or suitable third party time reference.
  • You can precisely synchronise an individual clock to a satellite-based atomic time reference via a control message from a Wharton 488HS series GPS or GLONASS time signal receiver.
  • N and NE versions can be controlled and synchronised to time via their 10/100Base-t Ethernet NTP connection to your existing network with accurate time information provided by a local or internet time server for simple, low-cost installation and control.

Stopwatch operation

  • Wharton 4000 series clocks have time digits freely switchable between the display of time-of-day and multifunction stopwatch or countdown time.
  • The standard RC100 IR handset controls the stopwatch and countdown timer functions.
  • You can also control the stopwatch functions of E and NE versions with an optional 496E dedicated switch panel or by external user-supplied voltage free contacts.
  • Multiple N or NE versions of 4000 series clocks may be operated in Network Stopwatch Mode to provide a remote readout of stopwatch or timer counts.
496E stopwatch control panel

496E switch panel - features:

  • 1G plate size 86mm x 86mm with IP65 rated sealed switches.
  • We supply the 496E panel with a 5m three core captive cable interconnection to the clock. You can extend the interconnection distance up to 20m using a 7/0.2 (0.22mm2) screened cable. Please contact technical support for longer interconnection distances.
  • Please note that you must use either the RC100 infrared remote control or the rear-mounted clock setting switches for setting the clock time or the clock and stopwatch operating modes. You cannot use the 496E panel for time or function setting.

User-programmable stopwatch and countdown timer function

  • Stopwatch display modes
  • Stopwatch display resolution
  • Stopwatch count direction
  • Stop/start and hold switch actions
  • Countdown start count

For more information about stopwatch & countdown timer operation.

  • The high-quality clock enclosure is manufactured from aluminium extrusion and has a black finish.
  • Designed for flush mounting in a control panel or desk with rear access.
  • Supplied with mounting brackets.
  • 110-230V AC, 24 or 48V DC or PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply options.
  • All Wharton digital clock products are designed, manufactured and tested to International Quality and Performance Standards.
  • Unrivalled free product lifetime technical support with unlimited advice and information to the original user for the life of the digital clock. Many previous models are still in service more than 15 years after first supply.
model 4010x.02
front bezel size - w x h x d 144 x 72 x 3mm  5.7" x 2.8" x 0.125"
case body size - w x h x d 132 x 58 x 147mm  5.3" x 2.3" x 5.8"
weight 1kg - 2.2lb
order code example

B - version (network): N
C - display height (20mm & 14mm): .02
D - display colour (super-bright red): SR
E - case style (flush panel) : .FP
F - power supply (UK): .UK
G - case colour (black): .black
A - model code
six digit display 4010
four digit display 4200
B - version  
non-network version with enhanced features E
network version N
network + enhanced features NE
C - display height  
4010: 20mm - 0.8" & 14mm - 0.56" .02
4200: 25mm - 1". Note: special order option only - enquire for availability .025
D - display colour  
green .G
red .R
super-bright red .SR
E - case style  
flush mounting case for use in a panel with rear access .FP
F - Power supply  
internal PSU 110-240vac 50/60Hz (standard)  
with Australian mains lead .AU
with EU mains lead .EU
with UK mains lead .UK
with US mains lead .US
24v DC power supply .24vdc
48v DC power supply .48vdc
IEEE 802.3af-2003 Class 3 .POE
G - case colour  
black .black