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  • RC100 IR control handset

RC100 IR Remote Control handset

  • The Wharton RC100 remote control is supplied with every 4000 series clock unit to allow the time to be set, operating modes and special functions to be selected and stopwatch operation enabled and controlled.
  • The RC100 remote control is housed in a small hand-held case 86 x 33 x 7mm.
  • The RC100 uses an infra-red signal for communication with 4000 series clock and display units at up to distances of 3m.

RC100 control functions

  • 1 - 'Up' Used to navigate up through the setting menus and to enter the function menu when the time is displayed.
  • 2 - '+' Used to increment the time or setting option value.
  • 3 - '-' Used to decrement the time or setting option value.
  • 4 - 'Down' Used to navigate down through the setting menus.
  • 5 - 'Menu' Used to access function menu.
  • 6 - 'Exit' Used to return to time-of-day display from clock setting menu.
  • 7 - 'Start/Stop' Used in stopwatch mode.
  • 8 - 'Hold/Reset' Used in stopwatch mode.
  • 9 - 'Clock Mode' Used to enter the time-of-day display mode.
  • 10 - 'Stopwatch Mode' Used to enter the stopwatch mode display.