GPS time signal receiver for precise system or individual clock time synchronisation

Glonass receiver for accurate time synconisation


The 488HS4-GPS receiver system has been designed to allow 5200 series network time servers or 4000 series digital clocks to be automatically and precisely time synchronised from the GPS satellite time transmissions. This information provides a highly accurate source of time reference in every global location.

The receiver is housed in a single IP65 rated case containing both the active antenna module and the receiver/decoder interface. The IP65 rated protective housing shields the 488HS4-GPS receiver system from wind, rain and snow.

The connection between the 488HS4-GPS synchronisation receiver and the 5200 series network time server is by a four core screened twisted pair cable up to 200m long. This cable also provides power to the 488HS4 receiver/decoder module.

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What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System is a system of satellites in six orbits, each orbital plane equally spaced about the equator and inclined at 64.8 degrees. The satellites transmit highly accurate, real-time, worldwide navigation information at a frequency of 1598-1609 MHz that anyone with a suitable GLONASS receiver can use to identify their position, together with a precise local time.

The GPS system was created by the US Department of Defence (DoD) and has numerous civilian and military applications.