Indonesia - Wharton LED Digital Wall Clock range, Day Date Calendar Clocks & World Time Zone Clocks

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Mandala Dharma Krida
Rukan Taman Meruya
Blok M1 No 71
Meruya Utara
West Jakarta 11620

Tel: +62 (0) 21 587 1856/73-74
Fax: +62 (0) 21 586 3916
Contact: Mr Erwan Djajawilastra


PT. Amptron Instrumindo
Blok M-51 & N15-16
Jakarta Barat 11620

Tel: +62 (0) 21 585 5055 / 586 0826 / 586 0828
Fax: +62 (0) 21 585 4109
Contact: Mr. Alfian Jasrin & Mr. Adrianus WP

PT. Amptron Instrumindo was established in 1997 as a metering specialist, electrical instrumentation, and time & clock system compan

We are belong to the Amptron Group which is already established since 1982 with representative offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, operate internationally to serve our customer locally.

Our aim is continue to anchor on our timeless core values to serve our specific customers, in each market with same quality, standards and service level expected by our customers and make us as a perfect partner.

PT. Amptron Instrumindo sudah berdiri sejak tahun 1997 sebagai perusahaan spesialis metering, instrumentasi listrik dan sistem jam analog/digital.

Kami adalah bagian dari Amptron Group yang terlebih dahulu berdiri sejak tahun 1982 dengan beberapa kantor di Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand dan Indonesia. Kami bekerja secara internasional untuk melayani pelanggan-pelanggan lokal kami.

Tujuan kami adalah secara terus-menerus dapat melayani para pelanggan dalam berbagai kebutuhan mereka dengan kualitas, standar dan tingkat pelayanan prima sesuai dengan harapan para pelanggan kami serta menjadikan kami sebagai rekanan yang tepat.


Xin Networks
Jl Arjuna Utara No. 7C

Tel: +62 (0) 21 5696 6884
Fax: +62 (0) 21 5897 0306
Contact: Mr. Ivan Tan

Xin Networks has been a leader in Asia for over 10 years in the structured cabling industry. We offer all-encompassing structured cabling solutions from design and implementation to maintenance and support.

To complement our structured cabling service and to provide more inclusive solutions to projects we are also qualified distributors and system integrators of the Redwood Lighting Controls and Building Intelligence System, Wharton Time Zone World Clocks, and data centre hot/cold aisle containment.

High-quality indoor and outdoor analogue clocks range

High-quality Swiss manufactured analogue clocks with models for indoor or outdoor applications, stand-alone or for clock system integration.

Options include a huge range of traditional and intelligent movement and dial face designs.

view indoor range
        view outdoor range

Wharton multi langauge electronic calendar clocks

Digital calendar clocks with a wide choice of display formats and sizes and many operating and control options.

Alphanumeric models show the day and date in a choice of 21 languages. The range includes countdown clocks and numeric date clocks.

calendar clock range
        countdown clocks
        numeric date

High-quality Wharton indoor and outdoor digital clocks for professional applications

An extensive range of intelligent digital clocks with versions for indoor and outdoor use, designed for time and reliability critical applications.

Every clock has count-up/count-down stopwatch operation functionality and optional time-date-temperature display modes.

Multiple case style, time synchronisation, display and case colour options.

indoor range
        outdoor range
        stopwatch operation

The Wharton range of multi time zone world clocks are available with red, yellow, green, blue or white characters

Single and double-sided world time zone clocks with up to 15 world time zones.

Choice of horizontal or vertical zone format, five digit heights and multiple colour and location name options.

view time zone clock range

5000 series network time servers and master clocks

Wharton 6000 series time and frequency deviation and control clocks are designed to provide an accurate and clearly visible display of time and frequency in power generation and distribution control rooms and are particularly suited for isolated and remote generation facilities.

view time & frequency range

5000 series network time servers and master clocks

Wharton 5000 series network time servers provide a complete time synchronisation solution for both standard network applications and more complex networked systems and installations with additional time synchronised hardware.

Time signal receivers are available for GPS and GLONASS time synchronisation

view 5000 series time server
        view GPS & GLONASS receivers

  • Wharton Electronics Limited has manufactured precision electronic timekeeping equipment since 1975. Our products are in use in over 190 countries and territories.
  • Wharton products have an unrivalled reputation for quality and dependability. See our google reviews for more.
  • If we do not have a standard product that meets your requirement we can quote you for the manufacture of a special unit for your application.
  • Product lifetime support by telephone or email.