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Wharton outdoor digital clock on Network rail platform
Wharton six digit digital clock in gym entrance
Wharton world time zone clock in bank dealing room

Wharton Ethernet NTP Analogue and Digital Clock Ranges - general information

Why use a Wharton Network Clock with a PoE power supply?

  • You ensure that everyone has access to the correct, legally traceable, time information. All Wharton Ethernet-enabled IP digital network clock models and our range of NTP analogue wall clocks are automatically self-setting via your local or internet time server.
  • Wharton network clocks are ideal for installation in broadcasting, civilian and military command & control centres, hospital and other medical facilities, production and process facilities, schools, transport systems, trading rooms and all types of offices and public areas.
  • Your network provides automatic seasonal time changes and the appropriate pre-configured time-zone offsets for clocks showing the time in your different areas of interest zones.
  • Simple, economical installation and control, using standard NTP Ethernet networking technology and RJ45 style connectors, via NTP from your existing local area network.
  • Easy system configuration and maintenance using free wMon® software.
  • Flexible Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows networked devices to obtain power as well as data via your existing Ethernet cabling and eliminates the need for a mains output at the clock location. Mains derived low voltage powers the clock via your standard Cat-5, or better, cable using your IEEE 802.3af power injector mounted at a convenient remote location.
  • Please note that digital IP clocks with 170mm (6.7") 220mm (8.7") digits, NTP World Time Zone Clock Displays and large network Calendar and Countdown Clocks have 110/230V ac power supplies and are not presently available for PoE operation.

Multi-Function NTP Digital Clocks

Wharton High-quality indoor and outdoor NTP clock range for professional applications
  • We manufacture many different designs and sizes of indoor and outdoor NTP wall clocks, the majority of which are available for PoE power supply.
  • Select either four or six-digit clocks with 20mm (0.8") to 220mm (8.7") high blue, green, red, white or yellow digits with a selectable 12 or 24 hour time display.
  • Most models also feature user-selectable stopwatch and countdown timer operation, alternating time and date display or time and temperature display options.
  • The range features high-quality aluminium cases with colour choice and options for surface mounting on a wall, flush mounting in a panel or solid wall or single or double-sided ceiling suspended mounting.

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NTP World Time Zone Clocks

Wharton time zone clock range with standard NTP
  • Our unique range of NTP controlled World Time Zone Clocks has standard 10/100Base-t Ethernet to enable simple 'plug & play' IP time synchronisation and control.
  • Up to 15 international time zones - you choose the city locations. White printed or programmable illuminated zone location names.
  • Choice of five digit heights, six display colours and numerous mounting, display format and operational options. Please refer to individual data pages for full information.

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Day-Date Network Calendar Clocks

Wharton day date wall clock range for professional applications
  • Wharton manufactures a range of numeric and alphanumeric multi-language day and date calendar clocks with NTP Ethernet & PoE options.
  • 50mm (2"), 57mm (2.3") or 120mm (4.7") high characters for viewing distances of up to 60m (180').

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Intelligent Ethernet Analogue Clocks with PoE

Wharton Network Analogue clock range
  • Our self-setting, ultra-reliable, NTP analogue PoE clocks are manufactured by our Swiss partners with models suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • All models are available for PoE operation. Some larger models also have a 230V AC power supply option.
  • We offer two ranges of indoor NTP analogue clocks with dials of 25cm to 80cm diameter and two outdoor alternatives with dial sizes of 50cm to 80cm. All of our analogue clock ranges have a choice of dial styles.

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