5000 series Ethernet NTP Time Servers for clock systems and networks

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Wharton 5000 series Ethernet Time Server

Serial message data formats

Each of the three available RS232+RS485 serial interface ports (ports 2 and 3 require the SER23 option module) can be configured for many different pre-programmed data message formats for specific CCTV, security and embedded equipment time synchronisation.

Non-specific message formats are user selectable for transmission every second, every minute, every five minutes, every hour, every day or on request.

The data rate and format of non-specific messages may be set for 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 or 19200 baud, 7 or 8 data bits and even, odd or no parity.

The following table lists the standard serial message formats pre-programmed in addition to four specific Wharton formats. Where detailed please refer to the appropriate application note. If the data rate, format and repetition rate are pre-defined by the application these parameters are pre-set.

A Adder Digital Technology
ADT Site Guard - application note AN132
AIT Comfile
Ascom NIS2000
ASC Telecom DL2 - application note AN129
ASC Telecom Marathon - application note AN136
B Baxall DTL 960 - application note AN141
BAXNET / Vista - application note AN139
C Cartner
Coe - application note AN120
D Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite, Sprite2, BX2 - application note AN127
Dedicated Micros Uniplex Series I/II
G Geutebruck MultiScope
Geutebruck TDT-10 / VicroSoft / AMC
Grosvenor Technology Janus - application note AN132
Grundig / Plettac Vaz300
H Harmony - application note AN132
L Loronix / Verint - application note AN132
LUL (Standard / Northern Line formats)
M Macq Electronic SA
Meyertech Zoneview - application note AN123
Mitsubishi HS-S5600 - application note AN112
Mitsubishi HS-S8300 - application note AN133
Moser-Baer IF482
N NATS Link Protocol
Neal - application note AN124
NetClock2 - application note AN128
Norbain Vista Columbus
P Panasonic AG6040 / 6730 / 6740 / 6760 - application note AN113
Panasonic WJHD500
Panasonic WJSX850
Petards Cobyt
Philips/Bosch Allegiant LTC8300, 8511C, 8610/00,8719A, 8810/00, 8910/00 series
Philips/Bosch Burle TC8286 & TC8288
Philips/Bosch Divar - application note AN140
Philips/Bosch DVR1
Philips/Bosch LTC2600
Philips/Bosch LTC3990/50
R Racal CD20
Racal Wordsafe
Racal ICR64 & EBCDIC ICR64
Racal Wordnet
S Schauer
Scientific Atlanta / CSI - application note AN111
Serial reference clock for standard NTP distribution - application note AN128
Sony HSR1 / 1P / 2 / 2P - application note AN135
Syac DigiEye
Synectics - application note AN126
Team Simoco
T Tardis
Tecton Darlex - application note AN137
Tecton Drax - application note AN101
Tecton Kramplex - application note AN125
Tecton Rugby Clock Interface
Tower Access Control
U Ultrak Maxpro - Max1000
V Vicon Kollector DVR range
Vicon ViconNet System
Vicon VPS - application note AN100
Vision Factory Cameo - application note AN117
Vision Factory Cameo D1 - application note AN138
Vision Factory Montage - application note AN115
Vision Factory Montage+ - application note AN116
Vision Research Company - Krammer 4 - application note AN102