5000 series Ethernet NTP controlled Master Clock

- programmable coded data and control outputs

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Wharton 5000 series Ethernet Time Server

Standard Output Interfaces

10/100Base-t Ethernet interface

All models have a 10/100Base-t Ethernet interface to allow the unit to act as an NTP Time Server on a TCP/IP network. The supported Ethernet modes can be seen here.

Multi-function zCode® output ports

Every model has either one or two zCode® output ports for the control of digital and analogue clock systems and similar equipment.

Each zCode® port may be user programmed to provide one of the following coded signal outputs:

  • w482® mode supports up to 50 off 4000E or 4000NE series digital clocks and time zone displays.
  • Impulse mode - each output is programmable for one second, half minute or one minute 24V alternate polarityimpulses. Each output is rated for a 500mA load. (5xx0 units have 2 zCode® outputs, 5xx1 units have 1 zCode® output.
  • Active DCF77 or MSF coded signals.
1PPS High Accuracy Signal

A high accuracy 1 pulse per second output of 100mS duration is generated at RS232 levels. The leading edge of the signal is within 50uS of UTC when locked to GPS.

Optional output modules

AFOUT audio frequency interface module

An AFOUT optional output interface module adds two outputs which are independently user programmable to generate either 1Khz amplitude modulated IRIG-B time code for the synchronisation of various voice recording, data logging and distributed control system equipment, or EBU (LTC) time code for use in broadcast applications.

DEMOUT demodulated time code module

The DEMOUT optional module has four logic level outputs. The module can be user configured to output demodulated IRIG-B, MSF or DCF time codes, a pulse per second or other user selectable periodic signal on all four mirrored outputs.

OPTOUT optical interface module

The OPTOUT optional Dual Fiber Optic module has two independently configurable ports that can output demodulated IRIG-B, EBU or Serial ASCII data.

The module has ST Fiber Optic connectors - 62.5/125um (820nm).

RELAY & LVRELAY dual relay contact pairs

Two versions of an optional relay module are available with dual independent relay contact pairs for periodic synchronised closure, signaling of error conditions and precision timed control of third party equipment.

The LVRELAY module has dual contact pairs rated at 110V DC amp.

The RELAY module has dual contacts rated at 230V AC amp.

SER23 Dual RS232/RS485 serial ports

The SER23 optional module provides two additional RS232/RS485 serial output ports. Each port is user progammable for 1200-57600 Baud, 7/8 data bits, odd/even/no parity with a data format selected from over 80 predefined serial messages. Dual DB9 connection.

The 5000 series network time server can have a maximum of 3 independently configured serial ports using the standard port plus one SER23 dual option module.

However, multiple SER23 modules may be fitted to the same unit to provide additional buffered outputs for ports 2 and 3.