4000 series outdoor digital clocks with 120mm high digits
- order specification codes
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order code example
4010E.12.UY.SET.UK.RAL7001 50% gloss
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   A   B  C  D   E  F  G     H
A - model (six digit display): 4010
B - version (non-network): E
C - display height (120mm): .12
D - display colour (ultra bright yellow/amber): UY
E - case style (IP65 rated surface mounting) : .SE
F - front window (toughened glass): .FP
G - power supply (UK): .UK
H - case colour (RAL7001 50% gloss): .RAL7001 50% gloss

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4010SE series with 120mm high digits - order specification codes

A - model code
six digit display 4010
four digit display 4200
B - version  
non-network version with enhanced features E
network version N
network + enhanced features NE
C - display height code
4010: 120mm - 4.7" & 100mm - 4" .12
4200: 120mm - 4.7" .12
D - display colour  
ulta bright red .UR
ultra bright white .W
ultra bright yellow/amber .UY
E - case style  
IP65 rated surface mounting case with brackets for wall mounting .SE
IP65 rated double sided ceiling suspended case .DSE
IP65 rated double sided post mounting case .DPSE
F - front window  
toughened glass T
polycarbonate P
acrilic A
G - Power supply  
internal PSU 110-240vac 50/60Hz (standard)  
with Australian mains lead .AU
with EU mains lead .EU
with UK mains lead .UK
with US mains lead .US
24v DC power supply .24vdc
48v DC power supply .48vdc
IEEE 802.3af-2003 Class 3 .POE
H - case colour  
RAL or other standard case finish .RAL7001  50% gloss