4580 & 4581 countdown clock displays
- order specification codes
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order code example
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   A   B  C  D  E  F     G
A - model - single row display: 4580
B - version (non-network): E
C - display height (57mm): .057
D - display colour (yellow): Y
E - case style (surface) : .S
F - power supply (UK): .UK
G - case colour (silver): .Silver

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4670 with 50mm high characters - order specification codes

A - model code
single row display 4580
two row display 4581
B - version  
non-network version E
network version NE
C - display height  
57mm - 2.3" .057
100mm - 4" .100
D - display colour  
blue .B
green .G
red .R
yellow .Y
E - case style  
surface mounting case for wall mounting .S
flush mounting case for use in a panel with rear access .FP
flush mounting case supplied with mounting box .FB
single sided ceiling suspended case .SS
double sided ceiling suspended case .DS
F - Power supply  
internal PSU 110-240vac 50/60Hz (standard)  
with Australian mains lead .AU
with EU mains lead .EU
with UK mains lead .UK
with US mains lead .US
24v DC power supply .24vdc
48v DC power supply .48vdc
IEEE 802.3af-2003 Class 3 .POE
G - case colour  
black .black
silver .silver
RAL or other standard case finish .RAL9010