4740 series world time clock with 25mm high digits
- order specification codes
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order code example
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A - model: 474
B - zone name location position (location name above time): 0
C - zone identification type (non-illuminated): N
D - number of zones (five): .5
E - display height (25mm): .025
F - display colour (red): R
G - case style (flush panel) : .FP
H - power supply (UK): .UK
I - case colour (silver): .Silver

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4740 series with 25mm high characters - order specification codes

A - model code
horizontal display 474
B - zone name location  
zone name above time display 0
zone name below time display 1
C - zone identification type  
printed zone name N
D - number of time zones  
minimum 3 - maximum 15 3......15
E - display height  
250mm - 1" .025
F - display colour  
green .G
red .R
E - case style  
surface mounting case for wall mounting .S
flush mounting case for use in a panel with rear access .FP
flush mounting case supplied with mounting box .FB
single sided ceiling suspended case .SS
double sided ceiling suspended case .DS
F - Power supply  
internal PSU 110-240vac 50/60Hz (standard)  
with Australian mains lead .AU
with EU mains lead .EU
with UK mains lead .UK
with US mains lead .US
G - case colour  
black .black
silver .silver
RAL or other standard case finish .RAL9010