4000SE series outdoor digital clocks with IP65 rated cases - case types and finishes
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This range has high quality cases designed to meet the requirements of IP65 and are manufactured from passivated CR4 steel, stove enamelled with a twin pack paint finish. Special colours are available as an extra cost option.

Case type order code
Surface mounting case with adjustable brackets for wall mounting. .SE
Double sided ceiling suspended case with support for a drop of up to 200cm .DSE
Double sided post mounting with support for a drop of up to 200cm .DPSE
Window type extra cost order code
Toughened glass - standard option. no T
Acrylic A A
Polycarbonate yes P
Case colours extra cost order code
Painted to RAL colour silver grey
no .RAL7001 50% gloss
Painted to custom RAL colour - substitute RAL colour code for xxxx in order code yes .RALxxxx