Time Synchronisation option for 4000 series digital clocks

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External synchronisation modes available as standard
  • Wharton w482 multi time zone time code - E & NE versions only.
  • MB serial and MobaLine time codes - E & NE versions only.
  • Automatic synchronisation with remote NTP network timeservers across a TCP/IP Ethernet network - N & NE versions only.
  • Active DCF77 Time Code - E & NE versions only.
The following external synchronisation modes require an internal interface card - E & NE versions only: option code
Alternate and single polarity 12-48v dc impulses 4040.P
4040.E - EBU/SMPTE (LTC) interface 4040.E
1 KHz AM coded IRIG-B/Afnor NFS 87 500 time codes 4040.I
RS232 coded signal in one of six formats 4040.2
RS485 coded signal in one of six formats. 4040.4
$GPZDA serial time code - RS232 4040.2
$GPZDA serial time code - RS485 4040.4
The clock may be synchronized using one of the following optional satellite time code receivers - E & NE versions only: option code
Local synchronisation output - E & NE versions only.
The local synchronisation output enables the clock to act as a master to up to ten other 4000 series clocks displaying either time-of-day or stopwatch time using a simple single cable pair.