Wharton digital clock range with stainless steel (inox) cases and wipe-down front panels for pharmaceutical production, laboratories and cleanrooms, 10/100Base-t Ethernet

Wharton digital clock with green digits for pharmaceutical production, laboratories and cleanrooms

IN04D.G.S series

20m (60')  more

 50mm (2") digits

Wharton four or six digit clock for laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing and similar environments

IN04S.Y.S series

20m (60')

 57mm (2.3") digits

digital clock with six red digits for pharmaceutical production, laboratories and cleanrooms

IN06D.R.S series

20m (60')

 50 & 30mm (2" & 1.2") digits

digital clock with six red digits for pharmaceutical production, laboratories and cleanrooms


15m (45')

 57mm (2.3") digits

  • The Wharton IN range is 10/100Base-T Ethernet NTP network ready for simple network installation, configuration and time synchronisation.
  • We designed these clocks for use in pharmaceutical product areas, laboratories, cleanrooms and similar facilities with cases manufactured from stainless steel, 304 grade (inox) and with a 'wipe-down' capable front face.
  • IN range clocks are powered via Mid-span or End-span Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) from your IEEE802.3af source.

The IN range has several user-selected modes of operation - including:

  • This range can be controlled and synchronised to time via their standard 10/100Base-t Ethernet NTP connection to your existing network with accurate time information provided by a local or internet time server for simple, low-cost installation and control.
  • The digital displays are switchable between time-of-day and a multifunction stopwatch or countdown timer using the IR handset supplied, by an optional dedicated switch panel or by user-supplied voltage free contacts.

Stopwatch and count-down timer operation

  • The IN04 and IN06 range of digital clocks have illuminated displays freely switchable between time-of-day and multifunction stopwatch or countdown time using the supplied IR handset.
  • The following stopwatch and countdown timer functions are user programmable:
    • Stopwatch display modes
    • Stopwatch display resolution
    • Stopwatch count direction
    • Stop/start and hold switch actions
    • Countdown start count
    • Network stopwatch mode
  • Further information on stopwatch & countdown timer operation.


  • The high-quality stainless steel front face of the clock enclosure has a fine-grained brushed finish.
  • Base model clocks are suitable for freestanding use, or wall-mounted using the U-shaped mounting bracket supplied.
  • An optional front surround is available for mounting flush in a wall or panel.
  • You power the clock via Mid-span or End-span Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) from your IEEE802.3af source.
  • All Wharton digital clock products are designed, manufactured and tested to International Quality and Performance Standards.
  • Unrivalled free product lifetime technical support with unlimited advice and information to the original user for the life of the digital clock. Many previous models are still in service more than 15 years after first supply.


model case body size - w x h x d weight
IN04D, IN06D & IN04S 341 x 117 x 45mm  13.4" x 4.6" x 1.8" 1.6Kg
IN06S & IN56SS 426 x 117 x 45mm  16.8" x 4.6" x 1.8" 1.8Kg
sizes and weights are for .S. single-sided wall mounted clocks
The dimensions do not include the U shaped mounting INxx.x.F series clocks for flush mounting have a 21mm x 1.5 front mounting flange.

Order specification codes

order code example

A - model (50mm hours and minutes time digits ): IN04D
B - display colour (red): B
C - case style (surface): S
A - model code
50mm hours and minutes digits IN04D
50mm hours, minutes and seconds digits IN06D
57mm hours and minutes digits IN04S
57mm hours, minutes and seconds digits IN06S
B - display colour code
blue - Please note that blue illuminated characters can appear slightly out of focus to some people due to variations in the response of the human eye to blue light and typically have a shorter practical viewing distance than red, green or yellow characters. .B
green .G
red .R
yellow .Y
C - case style code
surface mounting case with side brackets for surface wall mounting. .S
supplied with front outer bezel for flush mounting in a panel. .F