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  • Wharton 6000 Time & Frequency monitoring and control clocks

Wharton 6000 series time and frequency monitoring control and synchronisation clocks

 Wharton 6010 time & frequency clock with 57mm - 2.3" or 100mm - 4" blue, red, green or yellow digits

6010N.057 time & frequency clock with 57mm (2.3") high digits

 25m (75')  more

6010N.100 larger Version with 100mm (4") high digits
 50m (150')  

Wharton 6100 series time and frequency monitoring and control clock with red display

6100N.020 time & frequency clock with 20mm (0.8") high digits

 7m (21')

  • The Wharton 6000 series of Ethernet-enabled, time and frequency control and monitoring clocks provide a simple integrated time display and time synchronisation control unit for power generation, distribution and control facilities. They are particularly suitable for use in isolated environments.
  • In addition to displaying an accurate standard time, the frequency-time derived via the isolated dedicated supply frequency measurement input and the time difference between the standard time and the frequency-time the monitoring clock has a precision frequency meter.
  • The 6010 frequency control clock is fitted as standard with an internal, temperature compensated, quartz crystal oscillator that provides the standard time display with a typical accuracy of better than 0.1 seconds per day.
  • For higher levels of accuracy you can synchronise your 6010 series clock to an external time reference:
    • GPS or GLONASS derived precision time signals via a Wharton 488HS3 GPS or HS3 GLONASS time signal receiver.
    • Time synchronisation via the unit's standard 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface with a remote NTP (Network Time Protocol) time server across a TCP/IP computer network.
    • Synchronisation via Wharton time code from a 5200 series master clock.
    • Synchronisation via RS232/RS485 serial messages from Symmetricon XLi with Frequency and Time Module or other remote intelligent time & frequency computer equipped with an RS232/RS485 serial interface and programable message output format.
  • Three voltage free relay contacts rated at 30V DC 500Ma are user programable to provide simple remote signalling periodic time signals and user-selected time and frequency error states.

Voltage free relay contacts - programmable functions

Function action
Power Contacts are closed while power is present. Contacts open when the power supply is removed.
Error Contacts are closed with the master clock is synchronised to an external source. Contacts open while the unit is unsynchronised.
5 seconds 100mS contact closure every 5 seconds.
1 Minute 100mS contact closure every minute.
1 hour 100mS contact closure every hour.
Programmable 100mS contact closure once per day, at a time programmable in hours and minute.
Frequency above limit Contacts are closed when the measured frequency is above a user defined pre-set limit.
Frequency below limit Contacts are closed when the measured frequency is below a user defined pre-set limit.
Time difference above limit Contacts are closed when the time difference is above a user defined pre-set limit.
Time difference below limit Contacts are closed when the time difference is below a user defined pre-set limit.


  • The high-quality enclosures have a silver or black finish. Alternative colours or finishes are available at additional cost.
  • Base model clocks are suitable for freestanding or wall mounting using the multi-angled brackets supplied. Mounting options include cases for flush wall mounting and single or double-sided clocks with mounting supports for ceiling suspension.
  • 110-250V AC 50/60Hz power supply.
  • All Wharton digital clock products are designed, manufactured and tested to International Quality and Performance Standards.
  • Unrivalled free product lifetime technical support with unlimited advice and information to the original user for the life of the digital clock. Many previous models are still in service more than 15 years after first supply.


model Size - w x h x d weight
6010N.057 1470 x 135 x 66mm - 57.9" x 5.6" x 2.7" 7Kg - 15lb
6010N.100 2600 x 230 x 66mm - 102.4" x 9.1" x 2.7" 16Kg - 35lb
6100N.02 330 x 135 x 66mm - 13" x 5.3" x 2.7" 1.5Kg - 3.3lb

Order specification codes

Order Code Example

A - model (single row display): 6010N
B - display height (57mm): .057
C - display colour (yellow): Y
D - case style (flush panel) : .FP
E - power supply (UK): .UK
F - case colour (silver): .Silver
A - model code
Single row display 6010N
Two row display 6100N
B - display height  
57mm - 2.3" .057
100mm - 4" .100
20mm - 0.8" .020
C - display colour  
blue - please note that blue illuminated characters can appear slightly out of focus to some people due to variations in the response of the human eye to blue light and typically have a shorter practical viewing distance than red, green or yellow characters. .B
green .G
red .R
yellow .Y
D - case style  
surface mounting case for wall mounting .S
flush mounting case for use in a panel with rear access .FP
flush mounting case supplied with mounting box .FB
single-sided ceiling suspended case .SS
double-sided ceiling suspended case .DS
E - Power supply  
internal PSU 110-240vac 50/60Hz (standard)  
with Australian mains lead .AU
with EU mains lead .EU
with UK mains lead .UK
with US mains lead .US
F - case colour  
black .black
silver .silver
RAL or other standard case finish .RAL9010