Time and frequency monitoring and synchronisation control clocks - operational features
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Standard time reference
Stand-alone operation The standard time clock maintains time keeping from an internal high stability TCXO. The clock is pre-programmed for leap-years, and can be user programmed for the required automatic seasonal time-change.
Time code synchronisation The standard time clock is synchronised via w482® time code from a Wharton master clock or time server
GPS or GLONASS synchronisation The standard time clock is synchronised using precise signal received from the GPS or GLONASS satellite systems. Requires a Wharton 488HS3-GPS or 488HS3-GLONASS time synchronisation sub-system.
Ethernet NTP synchronisation The standard time clock is automaticaly synchronised to a remote NTP network timeserver across a TCP/IP Ethernet network
Frequency time clock display
Source The 6000N series unit has a transformer isolated 50 or 60Hz frequency voltage input 100-250V AC.
Ethernet NTP interface
Every 6000N series unit has a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface providing:
  • Automatic synchronisation of standard time clock with remote NTP network timeservers across a TCP/IP Ethernet network.
  • Remote configuration, management and software update across the Ethernet TCP/IP network using Wharton cMon software.
  • Fully automatic configuration support when used with DHCP server supporting option 4.
Power supply
100-240V 50-60Hz AC mains. 24V DC power option at extra cost.